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There is a lot to learn about insurance for your home, auto, health, business and farm, and this is the place to find some answers! Please check back for additional topics.

Does my homeowner policy cover everything?

The quick answer is no. There may be items or perils that limit coverage for your homeowners insurance policy. Unless you’ve specified certain coverages, such as flood, sewer backup and earthquake coverage, these extraordinary circumstances are not covered. For theft, the policies usually set maximum limits for items such as money, jewelry, silverware and guns. You can increase these limits, but it must be endorsed on the policy.

My kids have a 4-wheeler, but we never allow them to ride it outside of our property. Should I have a separate policy for that?

Yes. We recommend you have a separate policy for recreational vehicles such as 4-wheelers, snowmobiles, boats, etc. People don’t always follow the rules, so if the vehicle goes outside of your property lines, the separate policy would provide the necessary coverage to reduce your exposure to risk.

What is an Independent Insurance Agent, and why is that important to me?

An Independent Insurance Agent has access to several different insurance companies — not just one company. As a result, Independent Insurance Agents like those at Community Insurance Services can shop your insurance request to several companies and find the best package for you. For example, we may place your home and auto with one company, while your business insurance would be best placed with another company that specializes in that type of business insurance. In a nutshell, the advantage is that we can more easily tailor your insurance to find the best rates and coverages for you.

Am I covered for water in my basement?

It depends.  If you have back up of sewer and drain endorsed onto your policy then you have coverage up to the limit of the endorsement, but there is a caveat.  The water must come in from your floor drains or sewer or sump pump well.  If it leaks in through your walls, floor or a window well the claim will be denied.  In order to get this coverage you must have flood insurance.  Even if you do not live near a stream or river you can have a flood exposure.  Call us if you have any questions regarding this coverage. 

Am I covered if I sign up for Uber?

Your personal auto insurance will not provide coverage as an Uber Driver.   This is because transporting others for money significantly changes your risk from the perspective of the Insurance Company.   For you to get coverage as an Uber driver you will need to purchase a commercial auto policy

Did you know?

As an Independent Insurance Agent, Community Insurance Services provides you with choices. Our access to multiple companies helps cover your needs, in a cost effective manner.